Introduction to Law [Undergraduate]


Introduction to law

Weekly Schedule

1st Week Necessity of law
2nd Week Basic Concepts of law
3rd Week Functions of law
4th Week Sources of law
5th Week Branches of law
6th Week Concept of the “right”
7th Week Basic concepts of private law
8th Week Civil Law
9th Week Jurisdiction
10th Week Basic concepts of public law
11th Week State, sovereignty and law
12th Week Justice
13th Week Democracy and Law
14th Week General evaluation

Text Books

introduction to law

Rona Aybay, An Introduction to Law, Istanbul Bilgi University Press, Istanbul, 2018

As its title suggests, this book deals with the basics of law, though it also contains many elements drawn from legal theory and philosophy.

Who will this book be important for? I see many different groups ofreaders who should be interested. The book is, of course, highly relevant and useful for newcomers to the law. Here they will read and learn about the important principles of law. But it will also be valuable for experienced lawyers who every so often wish to return to the basics, the sources as it were, and to measure their concepts of the law with these basic considerations. Given the vast field of law, it is fascinating –and indeed reassuring– to see that certain basic principles apply to all fields of law. In addition, I believe that this book will provide stimulating reading for laypersons who wish to see what ‘law is all about’.

law ansay

Tuğrul Ansay and Don Wallace Jr , Introduction to Turkish Law, Wolters Kluwer, 2018

Preferred Readings

Jaap Hage & Bram Akkermans (eds.), Introduction to Law, Springer, The Netherlands, 2014.

  • Jaap Hage “Foundations” — (1st week)
  • Jaap Hage “Basic Concepts of Law” (2nd week)
  • Jaap Hage “Philosophy of Law” (3rd week)
  • Jaap Hage “Sources of Law” — (4th week)

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